The host for the Institute, the Project on the History of Black Writing, founded in 1983, has a key mission: to identify and advocate for the return of texts that have been lost to history, and to advance the development of scholarship in literature by African Americans. Shortly after its founding, HBW realized the need for expanding its mission to “promote the awareness of and create opportunities for learning about and engaging the works produced by African American authors.” To date, HBW has held more than a dozen highly successful NEH-sponsored programs, including teacher institutes, and its archives are being digitized to promote wider access. “Black Poetry after the Black Arts Movement” will benefit enormously from our experienced staff and HBW’s extensive archival collection of print, audio and visual materials.

Campus Amenities

For the duration of the Institute, NEH Summer Scholars will be designated by the University of Kansas as “visiting scholars” with continuous library privileges and full campus access.

NEH Summer Scholars are strongly encouraged to bring a personal laptop computer. Our Institute meeting room, libraries and housing are all internet compatible. One of the most vital aspects of this Institute is the chance for NEH Summer Scholars not only to meet every day as a group, but also to enjoy study and leisure time together.


Housing will be available for approximately $50/night in a campus scholarship hall, a small, private residence hall within easy walking distance of our daily meeting space. The newly renovated scholarship hall features suite-style living with single bedrooms and double (shared) bathrooms. Common recreational and meeting spaces will enhance our sense of community.


Our Institute will meet daily in a spacious seminar room in the Kansas Union on campus. Lunch will be available for purchase in the Union from The Market, a cafeteria featuring chain, as well as self-branded, menu items. With a few exceptions, breakfast and dinner will be on your own. Lawrence boasts a wealth of delicious, yet inexpensive restaurants, featuring a vast array of world cuisines, the majority of which are located in the charming downtown area, within easy walking distance of the hotel.

Periodic shuttle service to nearby grocery stores will be provided by Institute staff. A local farmer’s market is held every Saturday morning and Tuesday afternoon in downtown Lawrence, just a few blocks from the Marriott Spring Hill Suites.